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Dec 20, 2016

Mo-Sci Corporation co-founder, Delbert Day, PhD has been named a National Academy of Inventors (NAI) Fellow. A lifelong glass and ceramics pioneer, Dr Day’s work with specialty glasses has lead to treatments for liver cancer, bone defects, and wound care.

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Using Calcium Phosphate to Heal Bone Defects

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A variety of bone graft substitutes have been used in the search to find an alternative to bone that provides a rapid and strong repair. Calcium phosphate closely resembles the mineral components naturally present in bone tissue, and so represents an attractive option for a synthetic bone filling material.

The Healing Power of Bioactive Glass: An Interview with Mo-Sci CEO Ted Day

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What is bioactive glass? Mo-Sci CEO, Ted Day, shares his perspectives on the past, present, and future of this life-changing material.

Enhancing Road Marking Paints using Spherical Glass Beads

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Road markings are an essential safety feature. Glass beads significantly increase the reflectivity of paints on the road, which in turn significantly improves their visibility and consequently driver and pedestrian safety.