Corporate Sustainability

Mo-Sci Corporation not only sets the highest standards for quality in products and services but we are also diligent in our responsibility to the community and corporate sustainability. We understand how improving the efficiency of our operations will position us to be more competitive in the global marketplace. Mo-Sci strives to set a corporate example to other businesses locally and globally. The contributions the company makes to its local community through its dedication to social, environmental, and economical stimulation is second to none.

Future Goals

In the future, Mo-Sci hopes to increase its efficiency by identifying and filling a need in the supply chain with vertical integration. The ability to implement this type of supply method will allow Mo-Sci to provide more security for the company, its employees, and customers. It will also create a more tailored supply chain that will reduce waste and energy usage by reducing the amount of processing that goes into the manufacturing of key products.

We are confident that our ongoing efforts to improve efficiency and find ways to reduce our carbon footprint will help us to reach our sustainability goals and make the world and our community a better place.

Estimated carbon footprint

Energy usage

Health and safety