Specialty Glass Fibers

Fiber Fabrication Techniques and Custom Glass Compositions

Mo-Sci has extensive experience in glass fiber fabrication techniques and in developing glass compositions with properties tailor-made to satisfy special applications. We determine fiber forming conditions such as temperature and flow rate and if you need a glass fiber with particular properties, or can benefit from our research capabilities, contact our office.
    Custom Compositions
    Special Diameters
    Doping Capabilities
    Tailored Properties
    Chop Length Flexibility
    Small Unit Size
    Special Coatings

Mo-Sci provides a wide range of custom glass fiber compositions and configurations. Complementary to our glass melting capabilities, are research quantities of fiber in difficult-to-get diameters, lengths, dopings, compositions, and surface treatments.

Product examples produced include bioabsorbable reinforcement fibers, colored glass fibers with refractive index matched to a transparent polymer matrix, and fibers made from special glass compositions to standard or nonstandard diameters and lengths. Even select glass-ceramic formulations can be produced in fiber form.

Typically, the glass is melted and drawn from a platinum bushing onto a rotating takeup drum. Fiber can be produced sizing-free, or coated with the silane of your choice.

Fiber diameters are available ranging from 10 microns to more than 150 microns.

Examples of glass compositions range from the typical alkali-free borosilicate glasses for reinforcing composites or spacer applications, to the more exotic and harder to produce phosphate glass fibers.

Mo-Sci can produce fibers consistently to within 5percent of the target diameter. Production fibers are typically measured with a microprocessor-controlled filar micrometer calibrated to a NIST traceable standard.