Sep 8, 2008

Removal of CBRN Materials from Soil&Water using Nanosize Hydroxyapatite & Barium Phosphate

Many different types of hazardous and dangerous substances from military ordnance and activities, and CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) materials are present in groundwater and soil at the battlespace environment or other study areas of interest. Cleaning up the contaminated groundwater and soil across the military complex and the safe disposal of aqueous wastes are of major concern since any escape/transport of radionuclides (such as U, Pu, 90Sr, and 137Cs), hazardous or toxic substances (such as As, Cr6+, Hg, and ClO4-) into the environment can be a serious problem to human health. Targeting of military or municipal water supplies by terrorist organizations is also of serious concern. Thus, there is an immediate need for efficient, environmentally safe, rapid, and cost effective technologies for removing these harmful substances from contaminated military sites, drinking water supplies, and waste water.