Custom Melts

Custom Melting of High Quality Glass

Mo-Sci Corporation is proud to offer a wide variety of glass melting services. We have a staff of experienced glass engineers and technicians who research, develop and produce custom glasses made to fit your specific application. We are able to provide quick, reliable service using the finest quality glass available.
Melting and Forming
  • Crucible melting in refractory and precious metal crucibles from 100g (1/4lb) to 50kg (110 lbs) up to 1600°C.
  • Melting is normally done in electric furnaces in air, but melting in controlled atmospheres (dry/wet, oxidizing/reducing or inert) is available.
  • Glasses are available in block, slab, frit, fiber and spheres with custom forms and shapes available upon request.

Custom Melting Capabilitiescustom melting at Mo-Sci corporation
  • We custom melt all types of silicate, borate, phosphate, and aluminoborosilicate glasses and specialize in developing unique glasses to satisfy your particular performance requirements.
  • Specific cast shapes can be produced such as disks or plates.
  • We manufacture from as little as a few grams to several tons of glass depending on your needs.
  • Our timed scheduling allows for shorter lead times so you may have the glass when you need it.

High Quality Glass
  • All raw materials are certified by our Quality Assurance team before use to ensure the highest purity.
  • Raw materials are accurately weighed, blended, mixed and melted to yield glass that meets your homogeniety and quality specifications.
  • All glass is pre-certified as conforming to your specifications before shipping.